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NOW: Version 3.1 of AdLab/AdLabPlus and CSmith!

German Version Search Function

Elektronik pur UPDATE: Information on electronic software (ELEKTA, CSmith, AdLab and E-Lab)
Exclusive Headphone Amplifer for Selfconstruction!
Nice Video on AdLabPlus Usage for RF Design!
Electronic is Half the Life
Update: AdLabPlus Power Tool Collection
AdLab/AdLabPlus Handbook as PDF (50 pages, 1100kB)
ELEKTA Professional 2.0 and its Basic Version
Overview, Links & Search function
Search Function
Most interesting web pages
Links on electronics
EE Shareware
NEW: Enjoy Panaroma Pictures
Musik, mp3 usw.
Detailed Soundtest - mp3 vs CD

Privates (Hermann Meier u.a.)

Private things (work is not all)
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