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ELEKTA Professional 2.0 is available from Noble Publishing and American Technical Publishers.

Even more Information at your finger tips : ELEKTA Professional 2.0 and its Basic Version!!

ELEKTA Professional is a knowledge-based system for electrical engineering. It can be thought of as an electronic encyclopedia, yet it offers far more than a printed book. For example, to visualize electronic fundamentals, for example the I-V characteristic of a diode ELEKTA does not just present a mathematical equation and a figure, but also offers an integrated program featuring an interactive image and a special calculator for SPICE modeling.
ELEKTA contains over 270 circuits that can be professionally simulated directly on your PC. The device parameters can be altered interactively or the circuit expanded at will and the results can be observed instantly on the monitor. Supplementary programs and tools, such as calculating noise in circuits, different filters, transistor or op amp operation, transforming two-ports and many more were developed for Windows. These can also be used independent of ELEKTA. In addition to its encyclopedia function with nearly 1000 topics, 7000 hyper-links, 3000 keywords and 1000 figures.

• Tutorial background information electronic topics, with examples.
• Over 45 utility programs to perform design-related calculations that you always seem to need right now.
• Engineering support to get your project started, then assist you during advanced circuit design and simulation.
• Tools to set up your circuit and simulate using SPICE or other simulation programs.
• Simulation programms APLAC® and Design Center® including 270 examples, optimization and pcb layout (evaluation versions)

System requirements : Windows95 or higher, 8MB RAM, 120MB HD, 1024x768 display or higher

ELEKTA Professional 2.0 costs $ 109,-
ELEKTA Professional Basic Version costs $ 49,-

The original German version and E-Lab for beginners are also available. Both are distributed by Franzis.

Download sample tool for active filter design

New download sample tool for tone generation and Morse code (Version for Windows NT/2000/XP)

New download sample tool for tone generation and Morse code (Version for Windows 95/98/ME)

Highlights of ELEKTA Professional 2.0 (compared to 1st version)

Tool Part:
Many improvements in all tools, especially:
- completely new tools for PLL´s and S-parameter visualization
- completely new Smith chart tool including graphical output for frequency response and much more
- many new matching networks and Class-E PA design
- Morse generator, just type-in any sentenses!
- improved LC filter design (with full graphic and export function), including LC diplexers
- digital filter design including synthesis and export
- calculation of intermodulation, IP3, VSWR and receiver blocking
- capacitance calculations including microstip and striplines
- calculation of resistor matching tolerances
- more noise calculations including noise circles with graphical output
- many improvements in transistor amplifier tools and two-port program!

Encyclopedia Part:
Much more information on may topics like measurement techniques, wireless systems
- Chapter Tips & Tricks for many electronics topics, like Tip soldering, equipment, frequency compensation, layout, biasing & simulation
- FAQ topics on op-amps, transistors, matching, transmission lines, etc.

Simulation Part:

- over 100 new circuits, including different 555-Timer circuits, many filters and voltage regulators, many new amplifiers and bias circuits.
- more than 700 extra SPICE simulation models
- new versions of Aplac and Gnuplot

The Basic version has a slightly reduced set of EE tools and a smaller encyclopedia part. Also the Aplac part has been removed. However the price performance ratio is unbeatable!! For detailed information look at Noble Publishing.

Author Biographies

Stephan Weber was born in Berlin, Germany, in 1966. He received his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from the Technical University Berlin in electrical engineering. In 1990, he joined the electrical instrumentation department of the Hahn-Meitner-Institute for nuclear physics, where he worked on semiconductor and macro modeling, especially bipolar and field effect transistors. In 1995 he moved to the semiconductor group at Siemens AG Munich (now Infineon Technologies AG), where he began with receiver chips in bipolar technology. He now leads the power amplifier design group and also is involved with special CAD themes such as on-chip inductors.

Designs :
1996 Single-Chip DECT Receiver PMB4420
1997 1. Integrated Silicon DECT Power Amplifier PMB4820 and ISM Variant PMB4824
1998 2nd Generation DECT and ISM PA: PMB4819 and PMB4823
1999 PA Control IC for GSM MESFET Power Amplifiers PMB2253
2000 PA Control IC for GSM/EDGE HBT Power Amplifiers PMB2254
2001 2V-DECT and ISM PA PMB6819/23

Eric Koenig is the co-author of the English version ELEKTA Professional. He was born in Orange, California, in 1964. He has the B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. degrees, all in electrical engineering. He has been with Siemens AG since 1995 and is currently with the mixed-signal applications group in Ulm.

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